Sunday, November 10, 2013

Fashion Fades, Style Remains

Hello Beauties!!!

I honestly don't even remember the first time I heard this phrase, but the message nonetheless resonated with me.  It really got me thinking about what fashion and style meant to me.

Confidence. Personally, for me, it's about how you wear the clothes & what parts of your inner beautiful self you let shine through! Who cares about that expensive handbag or this season's hottest on-trend item?  Sure, it's okay to splurge on a long-lasting item every once in a while, but fashion shouldn't be about keeping up with appearances and buying that Chanel purse just to fit in!  (Although, you go CoCo, that classic quilted pattern has me hooked!!) Seriously, trends-smends!! Wear what you want to wear! Just stick to what's already in your closet, key basics, and add special pieces to help let your personality shine through! Just have FUN & LIVE your life the best you can! <3  20 years from now, you'll value your experiences, the people you met, the challenges you overcame, & the things you learned over what you thought was aesthetically pleasing on the exterior.

I used to not even care about what I was wearing, as long as I felt comfortable in it, I was good to go!  Bright red metallic floral patterned bell bottoms beneath a red top?  Blue checkered short shorts paired with a blue leopard print flowy top? I was totally down for the cause! Why? Because I felt completely and utterly confident!!!  I have since gained some insight into how to wear each piece to highlight them individually rather than all at the same time.  (too much of the same color or mixing bold and bright patterns can make an outfit clash)  But hey, here's to the graceful learning curve of life eh?? sigh, chuckles.

Once I began to notice what I was wearing & how I was wearing it, I started to make visual mental notes of what my peers wore. && then my attention turned to TV shows, celebrities, magazines, & thank the brilliant lord for youtube.  Youtube taught me so much about fashion, style, what to wear, & how to wear it.  The biggest thing I learned was that most people look their best in outfits that make them carefree, smile, & laugh - outfits that let their personalities shine through the fabric!

For me, the key ingredient that helps me stay confident, happy, & channel my inner beauty is a healthy lifestyle from a clean diet to a fun fitness routine.  This past summer, I really got into the healthy way of life and made that necessary lifestyle change for my body, & I feel amazing!!! I lost my "Freshman 1530" from 4 years of university dorm room! Long live my fun RA job, suck it delicious cheesy pizzas & fettucini alfredo *drools* enticing me over healthier options and damn you! late night snacking!! *Shout out to my girl Lana...that song ain't about a sexy man, it's about my love-hate relationship with greasy, carby, buttery goodnessevils (LAWLS, but really though, self control with food came second to studying & drinking & partying & late-night deliveries & fancy restaurants & foodie adventures in San Francisco & Berkeley alike) HEY...I was LIVIN' IT UPPPPPP

All in all, I wanted to use this post to make an introduction to the theme of my blog!  While aesthetics on the outside are visually pleasing and usually the first thing we think of when we think about fashion or style,  I want to use this space to highlight my opinions/tips/tricks on inner beauty too!!  Let's face the music, what you put into your body really shows on the outside, whether it's your skin, hair, nails, or just how your glowing beauty radiates beneath clothing!!  Inner beauty creates our outer beauty which in turn dictates how we wear our clothes & walk in our shoes.

Healthy minds create happy bodies!  && Confidence exudes STYLE!

So welcome to my blog!!! I hope I can help you by sharing what I have learned <3

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Peace, Love, && Smiles



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