Saturday, November 9, 2013

Reinvent Your Closet: Old Clothes, New Outfits !!!

Hello Beauties!!!

I used to think that I was supposed to throw out EVERY old clothing item in my closet (or give it away!)

However, recently, I found ways to reinvent them & turn them into classic staples, despite the season, the weather, or prevailing fashion trends of the moment.

Take this old Hollister floral skirt for example: years ago, when I bought it, it was meant to be worn "low-rise" and what not.  Mini skirts have long since come and gone.  Now we enter the age of High Waisted EVERYTHING!!! (giggles) From high waisted shorts to pants to maxi skirts to high-low skirts, muffin tops be HIDINGGGGG.

I was on a mission to incorporate this beautiful skirt into my current wardrobe rather than part with it & have to hold back the tears.  (lol, jk)

So I hiked this baby up to right around my navel, && it was the perfect length, not too short, not too long either.  It honestly worked.  Spring/Summer time Staple.  Fall/Winter?  Leggings & Boots got you covered boo!

To turn this old piece into an "on-trend" outfit, (although, trends & rules and such are meant to be broken anyway *wink wink*) I added 2 Brandy Melville essentials.

I was obsessed with this Brandy Melville cardigan for MONTHS, after watching Meghan Rosette RAVE about it on youtube! *Shout out Meghan, holla at chur gurlllll*
She's a beauty, check her out, totally obsessed with her style!!

Anyway, the cardigan is light and airy, perfect for staying warm, but not too warm, so perfect to combat the AC in the spring/summer/early fall!

&& of course, a plain white Brandy CROP TOP...  Is it just me, or did the world just seriously go CROP TOP CRAZY this past summer?  && honestly, word on the street is, crop tops are here to stay baby! (at least through spring and one more summer, lawls)

&&& thus, just like that, a completely new outfit, centered around one ~old, about the be discarded, thank god I saved it~ clothing item!

Peace, Love, && Smiles



PS: Here's my lookbook featuring this outfit && a few other favorites of mine!

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